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Kittender is a silly personal project I created while teaching myself Principle app! It's pretty much exactly what it sounds like... Tinder for all the furry felines out there. In hopes of helping them find their puuurrrfect match. 😻

Are there any visual standards i need to to consider when designing for cats?


  • There are about 600 million small cats in the world (pets, strays, homeless and feral cats)
  • Felines only speak and understand the language LOLcat
  • All cats are freakin' adorable
  • Cat's vision is similar to a human who is colour blind
  • Felines can see shades of  blue  and grAy – but  reds and pinks can be confusing as they appear green
  • Cats are waaay cooler than dogs – hence why there is no dog emoji set (duh!)

Design Decisions


The research I gathered made it clear that designing a accessible product for cats is much different than designing for humans. You have to consider that certain colours do not appear the same to cats as they do humans.

Originally i had a different colour palette in mind, but from the research i conducted the following colours were used for specific reasons:

  • Blue, Malibu: is the primary colour for Kittender, as felines are able to see shades of blue clearly
  • Gray, Athens: is the secondary colour for Kittender, as felines are able to see shades of gray
  • Orange: being used as the *Supuuurrr Like*. when viewing a cat colour vision diagram – orange appears to be seen as dark green by cats, and green was the colour I had in mind originally
  • Purple, Wisteria: being used for *Hiiissss* a.k.a dislike. I used purple for the dislike button because not only did i want the app to appear colourful to the human eye – but cats view purple a lot darker than it appears.

Luckily I was able to get a helping paw from my fur baby Conker for translations. Conker translated all the copy i supplied to the LOLcat – now allowing Kittender to be legible and understood by all the felines out there.

We went out on the streets to do some mewser-testing and received great feedback from all the cats.